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Mesa Grande Government

The Mesa Grande Band of Diegueno Mission Indians is governed by the Mesa Grande Band of Diegueno Mission Indians General Council (General Council) made up of all enrolled Tribal citizens over the age of 18. The Tribe operates as a pure democracy, with the General Council making all major decisions regarding the Tribe’s overall direction as specified by the Articles of Association. There are regular meetings of the General Council every second Sunday of the month. All Tribal citizens of the Mesa Grande Band of Diegueno Mission Indians are encouraged to participate in these important meetings.

The elected officials and personnel that report to the General Council are found in the links below:

Mesa Grande Tribal Council 

Mesa Grande Grievance Board

Mesa Grande Government Departments

This section provides links and contact information for each government department. The main contact for the Mesa Grande Tribal offices is 760-782-3818 or FAX 760-782-0795


Mesa Grande Housing Authority

Mesa Grande Business Development Corporation

Mesa Grande Enrollment Committee

Mesa Grande Education Committee

Mesa Grande Cultural Committee

Mesa Grande Public Works Department

Mesa Grande Election Committee

Outside Links

Indian Health Services Mesa Grande Tribal Committee

The Mesa Grande Band of Diegueno Mission Indians has two delegates that serve on the Indian Health Services (IHS) board to address the needs of Tribal citizens requiring medical and dental services. IHS facilities for Tribal citizens are located in Rincon and Santa Ysabel. IHS is also actively helping Tribal citizens to benefit from the Covered California Affordable Care Act, and has representatives ready to assist.

The current Mesa Grande Band delegates are:

  • Tribal Representative: Tony Gumataotao and Mercedes Amavisca
  • Alternate: Vacancy
  • IHC Liaison: Tony Gumataotao 

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Mesa Grande Tribal Services

The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) of 1978 is the Federal law that governs the removal and out-of-home placement of American Indian and Alaska Native children. The law was enacted after recognition by the Federal Government that American Indian and Alaska Native children were being removed from their homes and communities at a much higher rate than non-Native children. ICWA established standards for the placement of Native children in foster and adoptive homes and enabled Tribes and families to be involved in child welfare cases. For more information contact:

  • Tribal Representative: Patricia Martinez
  • Alternate: Vacancy
  • ICWA Liaison: Tony Gumataotao
 Strong Hearted Native Women’s Coalition Inc. Mesa Grande Tribal Services
Domestic violence and sexual assault matters are handled by the Strong Hearted Native Women’s Coalition, Inc., a non-profit that advocates on behalf of Native women, children and families. The contact for this organization for the Mesa Grande Band of Diegueno Mission Indians is:
  • Tribal representative: Keely Linton
  • Alternate: Vacancy
  • Liaison: Jesse Morales

Intertribal Court of Southern California Mesa Grande Tribal Services

Family-related legal issues fall under the jurisdiction of the Intertribal Court of Southern California. Mesa Grande Band of Diegueno Mission Indians is represented by:

  • Tribal Representative: Keely Linton
  • Alternate: Mercedes Amavisca
  • Tribal Court Liaison: Jesse Morales

Employment Opportunities


The Mesa Grande Band of Diegueno Mission Indians is committed to helping both Tribal and non-Tribal citizens in securing employment and providing to their families and stability of the local economy. You can find job postings on this website as well as at the Native Hire Website. We are also looking for Mesa Grande Tribal citizens resumes to keep on record for opportunities with many of our business partners.


California Indian Manpower Consortium CIMC: This organization helps with cost recovery for qualified individuals seeking jobs and help retaining jobs. The Mesa Grande Band of Diegueno Mission Indians has been a partner with this organization for over 25 years. A Tribal committee has been appointed to meet with this organization on a regular basis.

  • Delegate: Dianna Lopez
  • Alternate: Mercedes Amavisca
  • CIMC Liaison: Tony Gumataotao