Mesa Grande Water Department

Mesa Grande Tract II Water Systems and Black Canyon Water resources come from two independent community well systems. Well output serves the community’s residential areas, tribal offices and fire station, and the fire hydrants throughout the reservation. Water quality is managed by Watermaster Jesse Morales. As part of their duties, they monitor and maintain water quality, deliver water to residents, and respond to water supply issues. Jesse Morales also serves as the Environmental Officer and tribal liaison to the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Inquiries and correspondence can be answered by calling the Mesa Grande office at (760) 782-3818

Jesse Morales –

Mesa Grande Roads/Transportation Department

The Roads Committee works closely with the Federal Government to acquire funding from various agencies in road improvement and transportation issues. Projects have included the widening of the Black Canyon Road and the Black Canyon Bridge Construction in association with Walking Shield and the Army Corps of Engineers. Darrel Langley and Michael Linton work on the Roads and Transportation Department as liaisons to the Business Committee.

Michael Linton –

Mesa Grande Fire Department

The Mesa Grande Fire Department (MGFD) was established in 1999 by the Mesa Grande Band of Diegueno Mission Indians with Howard Maxcy, Sr. as Fire Chief. Due to the remote locations of Mesa Grande and Black Canyon communities, the department was needed to provide fire and emergency services to the communities of Mesa Grande and Black Canyon community of Halleyayaaw’.

Today, MGFD consists of Fire Chief Michael Linton who is supported by local volunteer personnel. There are two MGFD stations equipped with the latest technology including WIFI and satellite connectivity, and emergency generator power supply should land-based communications and power fail. MGFD operates a Type III 1998 International Model 15 Brush Engine, A Type IV Ford F-550 with 4-wheel drive capabilities equipped with standard fire suppression equipment.

The Department, like most today in the United States, is a non-profit organization and maintains equipment and supplies through donations and grants that must stretch to cover ever mounting service costs. We are gracious to accept any donation to the Department, and deeply appreciate all the help we have received over the years. We again applaud our volunteers, the men and women who sacrifice so much for our protection.

Michael Linton –