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Updated deadline dates for Education Award Applications and Scholarships for the SCTCA High School Graduation Ceremony
2020 SCTCA Education Award Application – Deadline: Postmarked by June 18, 2020…/20-American-I-Student-Ed-Award-Applicat…
2020 Inter Tribal Sports Scholarship Application – Deadline: Wednesday April 1, 2020 at 5:00pm…/up…/2020-ITS-Scholarship-Application.pdf
2020 Matt LaChappa Athletic Scholarship Application – Deadline: June 30, 2020
2020 Walking Shield Golf Scholarship Application – Deadline: June 20, 2020…/Walking-Shield-Scholarship-Golf-Applica…
*** New Award Application – Deadline June 1, 2020 ***
American Indian Services Scholarship Flyer…/…/AIS-Scholarship-Flyer-print.pdf
Requirements for AIS Scholarship…/up…/Requirements-for-AIS-Scholarship.pdf


Parents: if you have a graduating senior please email or call 760-782-3818

Scholarships available:

Congratulations to the Mesa Grande ITS A-League Champions!


Christmas is right around the corner!

Please RSVP for your family to celebrate Christmas with us!


School is starting soon! Time to pick up your children’s School supplies and backpacks!

Tribal Members: If your child needs additional required School supplies, please email to receive an application to request additional School supplies. 


Sign up for School Supplies!!

It is time to sign your children up for school supplies and backpacks.

You can message me, email at or call 760-782-3818.

Please give feedback for your child as to what is needed for their success.

We are creating an application for extra supplies that are REQUIRED for an individual need which will include a short statement and paperwork from your child’s School. Some examples are: laptops or printers or ink, science project items, scientific calculators, School uniforms, needed sports equipment or participation materials, Field Trip fees, Sixth Grade Camp fees and Washington D.C. trip fees, etc.

As a community we want to help the kids be successful, organized and feel confident.

Deadline for sign-up for school supplies and backpacks is July 13th.


SCTCA High School Graduation Celebration

Congratulations to our 2018

Graduating Seniors!

Please contact the Youth Coordinator to register:


To apply for scholarships, please visit 

Mesa Grande Youth Christmas Party 2017

Big thank you to the organizations/Bands/people who helped to make this year’s party a great success for our youth. The youth program would like to extend a special thank you to the Native Riders MC, Rekkrs MC, and Soboba for contributing as much as they did. Please see the photos below and we want to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!










Intertribal Sports

Intertribal Sports began in southern California in the Fall of 2002 when representatives from Viejas, Barona, and SCTCA’s North County Community Resource Center recognized a need for an organized, semi-competitive youth sports league. A meeting was called and a few dedicated individuals acted on this need and created the Inter Tribal Flag Football League. Five teams from four organizations participated in that inaugural season. Determined to keep the momentum going following the early success, those involved began planning for a youth basketball and softball seasons. At that time, the ITFFL was renamed Inter Tribal Sports, or ITS. All three sports leagues were consistently offered year after year, with new tribes and tribal organization joining every season.

The organization operated successfully in this grass-roots manner for five years. However, as the service area expanded, it was recognized that the more structure would be necessary to accommodate the rapid growth and to meet the demand for organized youth sports from the tribal communities. An intense two-day planning meeting was held in February 2007, at which time the ITS Board of Directors was officially created and the organization drafted its mission statement, vision, and bylaws and elected officers. Shortly thereafter, ITS became incorporated and gained 501(c)(3)non-profit status. The administrative branch of ITS was created in 2009 to assist and alleviate some of the growing burden and workload on the board, with a primary function of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Since its inception, Inter Tribal Sports has served an estimated 3,000 youth from 22 tribal communities and currently serves over 1,000 youth per year. In addition to the three initial sports and soccer, which was added in 2011, ITS offers a wealth of enriching programs, including cultural gatherings, sports camps, group outings, and leadership activities.

Education Opportunities

Education of our youth is of upmost importance and we would love to see all of them succeed in their chosen fields of interest. The Mesa Grande Band of Diegueno Mission Indians are proud to offer a yearly scholarship up to $3000 per student who qualifies.

For more information on scholarships click on this link: