Chairman – Mike Linton

email: chairmanlinton@mesagrandeband-nsn.gov

Mesa Grande Logo 2015

Vice Chairman- Jesse Morales

 email: jessem@mesagrandeband-nsn.gov

Mesa Grande Logo 2015

Councilman – Tony Gumatoatoa

email: tonyg@mesagrandeband-nsn.gov

Mesa Grande Logo 2015

Councilman – Brandon Linton

 email: brandonl@mesagrandeband-nsn.gov


Mesa Grande Logo 2015

Councilman – Anthony Trujillo

 email: tonyt@mesagrandeband-nsn.gov


Mesa Grande Tribal Officers

The Tribal Officers have assigned duties as specified in Article VIII. This includes keeping minutes of all General Council and Tribal Council meetings, care and custody of all valuables for the Band and correspondence with and submissions of all resolutions or other enactments of the General Council to the Bureau of Indian Affairs Southern California Agency.

Tribal Secretary: